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Guidance & Student Services

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Students will be assigned to a counselor using an alphabetical system upon entering the ninth grade. They will be assigned to the same counselor for their four years of high school. Students may initiate a conference with their counselor by making an appointment in the counselor's appointment book located in the Guidance Office. Counselors are available to students for personal, academic and post high school counseling.

Guidance / Student Services Online Resources

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Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available to all students to help them understand their inpidual strengths, to set goals, and to assist them in planning an appropriate program of studies. Counselors, teachers and parents will work together to support and encourage all students in reaching their full potential.

Some of the areas in which a counselor can work with students and parents are:

  • Planning a high school program relevant to student's interests, abilities and post high school plans
  • Assisting students in selecting appropriate courses each year
  • Checking each student's progress through a review of quarterly report cards and interim progress reports
  • Consult with faculty regarding student performance
  • Counseling students experiencing academic difficulty and developing strategies for improvement, including referrals to various academic resources at the high school
  • Being available to meet with parents of all students
  • Reviewing credit status leading to graduation
  • Being available to meet with students and parents to review standardized test results

College Counseling

College counseling is offered to all students seeking post high school education. Designed to help students identify and clarify their abilities, interests and goals, college counseling assists students in making appropriate educational decisions. The formal college planning process begins with individual and group sessions in the junior year conducted by the school counselors. These sessions continue through the senior year.

In order to assist students fully, the following activities take place:

  • Students will be encouraged to take appropriate standardized tests
  • Students will be encouraged to utilize the facilities of the College and Career Center which includes computer based college search programs, college catalogs, video and CD-ROM tours of college campuses
  • In the junior and senior year students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their counselor
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the college planning sessions in junior year
  • Students and parents are encouraged to attend Junior Parent Night, college panels and financial aid programs, as appropriate
  • All juniors will receive a Post High School Planning Guide
  • Starting in the junior year, students will be encouraged to prepare drafts of their resume and college essay(s) to assist in preparing for the college process
  • Counselors will write letters of recommendation for students when asked
  • Counselors will direct students to a variety of available resources about colleges
  • Counselors maintain a current state of knowledge about colleges by attending conferences, visiting colleges and meeting with college representatives

Personal Counseling

School counselors, social workers and school psychologists are available to all students to assist them in managing the normal developmental issues that arise during adolescence. The Student Services staff will help students to enhance self-understanding and to learn effective problem solving skills so that they are better equipped to deal with the variety of concerns that high school students encounter. Students, staff or parents may initiate inpidual counseling sessions. When warranted, referrals may be made to appropriate community resources. Some of the issues and concerns that may be addressed include:

  • Academic Performance
  • Peer Relationships
  • Transition / Adjustment Problems
  • Social Pressures
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Family Conflicts
  • Community Influences

Housatonic Community College Partnership Program

HCC (Housatonic Community College) High School Partnership Program

Students entering their junior or senior year of Derby High School can take one college level course at Housatonic Community College free of charge to earn both college credits and high school credit. Students must meet the required criteria to participate:

  • Entering junior (11th), or senior (12) year
  • Minimum academic GPA of 80 or better
  • Recommendation letter from the high school Principal or Counselor
  • Must have taken the SAT's at least once to provide a score report
  • See Counselor if interested
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